Play Free Heads Up Poker Online Against Friends – Free HU Poker Online

Heads up poker is one of the most popular ways to play poker and for those of you that don’t already, heads up poker is when you play a ring table game or tournaments against one other player only. You can play heads up poker for free and for real money in numerous online poker rooms, but before you start playing you should read through our HU poker guide.

If you have never played heads up poker in the past you’ll want to make sure that you take your time learning the game. Only play 1 table at a time initially until you’re comfortable trying out multiple tables. Heads-up poker is the quickest poker format you can play online and it can become very overwhelming if you’re trying to multi-table. Every few seconds you generally need to play your hand and make a decision, so trying to multi-table might not give you enough time to focus on all of your hands.

  • Play Free Heads Up Poker Online

The majority of online poker rooms offer a free poker game where players can compete against friends, family and other real people with play money chips. Not that many poker rooms let you play heads up poker in the play money room, but it’s possible with the poker sites we’ve listed above.

  • Play Real Money Heads Up Poker Online

When you’re ready to play for real money you’ll have a lot more options. Poker sites offer a wide range of stakes in heads up ring table games and tournaments. You can play heads up poker tournaments online against friends or family for as little as $1 with some matches going well into the $100’s. If you play heads up ring table poker games then you’ll be able to play anywhere from micro stakes to massive stakes such as $1000/$2000 blinds.

  • Heads Up Poker Strategy

Whether you’re playing poker online with play money or real money, it’s important that you follow a few simple tips so that you aren’t wasting your time. In a heads up poker game you need to try and be as aggressive as possible without making it look like you’re just bluffing every hand. Don’t be afraid to fold a few hands every once in awhile when you’re in the small blind, as raising with nothing can often get you in trouble heads up.

Ideally you want to always try and raise preflop when you’re in the small blind as long as you have a marginally good hand. Never raise an insanely excessive amount heads up, since the bet will most likely come across as a bluff. You also need to open up your starting hand selection quite a bit if you want to survive in HU poker games. Since you’re only playing against one other opponent the chances of them having a good hand is slim.

Heads up poker is a fast paced poker game where you need to be focused and ready to play. You can’t sit at the table waiting for big hands while playing heads up poker because you’ll quickly lose control of the game. Heads up poker isn’t ideal for new players and I’d only recommend playing heads-up if you’re experienced and feel like gambling a little bit.